Supply List

Ernie Pyle Elementary School Supply Lists

Preschool: Kinder Mat or Small Yoga Mat, Small Beach Towel, Back Pack (no wheels), (1)-2 pocket folder, Crayola Crayons (24 count), (1) Elmer’s Bottle Glue, (2) Elmer’s Glue Sticks,

Kindergarten: Child’s picture, Kleenex, (2) plastic pocket folders (blue and yellow), plastic school box, 2 yellow wooden pencils, (1) large eraser, scissors, (2) bottles white liquid glue, 24 count crayons, 8 counts basic crayons, backpack (no wheels), freezer strength baggies (quart and gallon), watercolor paint set, (1) single subject notebook, (4) fine tip dry erase markers, headphones

 First Grade: School Box, 24 box crayons, (1) box colored pencils, (1) box markers, (10) pencils, scissors, (2) erasers, (4) glue sticks, (1) highlighter, (4) dry erase markers (fine tip), watercolor paints, (6) spiral bound notebooks (wide ruled), headphones (no earbuds), 1 bag of quart or gallon zip-lock bags, Kleenex

 Second Grade: Crayon Box , #2 pencils, (2) erasers, colored pencils- Crayola, markers- Crayola, (2) highlighters, (4) fine tip dry-erase markers, 24 count crayons, (4) wide ruled notebooks, (5) plastic pocket folders, (5) 3 prong folders, glue sticks, (1.5”) 3-ring binder, scissors, Kleenex, watercolor paint set- Crayola, headphones

 Third Grade: (1) pkg. of loose-leaf wide ruled notebook paper, (12) YELLOW No.2 pencils, (2) big pink erasers, (3-6) glue sticks (no bottle glue), (2) highlighters, scissors, (4) dry erase markers (wide-tipped), (2) boxes of Kleenex, (2) boxes of 24 crayons, (1) – 1” white binder with 5 subject dividers, (1) pencil pouch (no school box), watercolor paints, , art shirt (old t-shirt from home), headphones/earbuds, gallon baggies/(girls) – sandwich baggies(boys), (2) spiral notebooks (wide ruled)

 Fourth Grade: School box, pencils, colored pencils (8 or 12 pack), markers (1 pack), glue sticks (4), 1 highlighter, folders- (4), scissors, loose-leaf lined paper (1 packet), 3 notebooks- college rule, watercolor paint set, Kleenex

 Fifth Grade: (2) composition notebook, (4) lined notebooks, (1) art box, (1) colored pencils, (1) markers, (1) tissue, (5) pocket folders, (1) pack lined paper, (24)pencils, (24) crayons(2) glue sticks, scissors, (1)- 1” binder, watercolors

*All students will need headphones

 Teaches would accept classroom donations of the following items:

-colored cardstock

-colored construction paper

-stickers (assortment) (small and large)

-markers and colored pencils

-any extra school supplies

-disinfectant wipes